Charity: Chocolate hazelnut vegan dragee

Description: Healthy Choice super nutritious dragee, the perfect snack for us!
Delicious vegan dragee packed with the health benefits of nuts and chocolate: unsaturated fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
Selected hazelnuts in the legendary buckwheat chocolate contain a lot of biotin, record amounts of magnesium, and B-vitamins.
Healthy Choice milk and white chocolate combined with crunchy hazelnuts is your favourite snack of the day!
Crunchy pistachio in raspberry chocolate is quick and long-lasting satiety thanks to its high content of amino acids - the main building block of our bodies.
Love at first crunch!

Hazelnut chocolate dragee in buckwheat chocolate: hazelnut, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, cashew nut, natural sweetener - erythritol, roasted sesame, buckwheat tea, Himalayan salt, natural vanilla stick "Bourbon".
Minimum cocoa content in chocolate mass 33%.

Pistachio chocolate dragee in raspberry chocolate: pistachio nut, cocoa butter, maltitol, cashew nut, natural sweetener erythritol, freeze-dried raspberry, Himalayan salt, natural vanilla bean "Bourbon".
Minimum cocoa content in chocolate mass: 35%.

Hazelnut chocolate dragee inside a milk-white chocolate coating: hazelnut, cashew nut, cocoa butter, cocoa bean, natural sweetener erythritol, muscovado, coconut milk powder, buckwheat tea, rooibos tea, Himalayan salt, natural vanilla "Bourbon" stick.
Minimum content of cocoa products in chocolate mass - 44%.

Storage rules: Store at temperature (18 +/- 3)° C and relative humidity no higher than 75%, without direct sunlight, in a dark place.

Shelf life: 6 months

Net weight: 90g

Energy and food value 100g

Candied hazelnut dragee in buckwheat chocolate:
Kcal - 744, | Protein - 11 g Fats - 54 g Carbohydrates - 28 g

Chocolate pistachio dragee in raspberry chocolate:
Kcal - 570, | Protein - 11 g | Fats - 46 g | Carbohydrates - 26 g

Candied hazelnut dragee in white milk chocolate:
Kcal - 636, | Protein - 11 g | Fats - 55 g | Carbohydrates - 24 g

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