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Our products are distinguished by the highest quality and unique recipe - we guarantee the complete absence of refined sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes, chemical additives and flavors, hydrogenated fats and oils, edible gelatin, artificial vanillin, artificial sweeteners, as well as GMOs in Healthy Choice products!
Healthy Choice is an option in favor of
healthy eating without the need
limit your enjoyment.
Healthy Choice is a healthy choice!
All products:
No refined sugar
No extra fat
No preservatives
No emulsifiers
No chemical solvents
No flavor enhancers
Fragrance Free
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General certificates
Test reports
(physico-chemical parameters)
Test reports
(microbiological indicators)
General Certificates:

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized standard based on globally accepted principles. This is a security system designed for enterprises that produce food products (raw materials, semi-finished products) or enterprises whose products and services are used in the food industry and affect food safety (manufacturers of equipment and packaging, as well as organizations providing services for the sale of food products).
Test reports (physico-chemical parameters)

Brief description of test protocols for physical and chemical parameters…
Test reports (microbiological indicators)

Brief description of test protocols for microbiological indicators…
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